Gleam Supreme Skegness 

  Specialists in caravan cleaning in the Skegness & Lincolnshire area. No job too big, no job too small.

Other Caravan Services

Our other services include  Caravan parts, DIY, maintenance and more


Caravan world based in chapel st Leonard's are a reliable and trustworthy company who specialise in "everything Diy "

from new kitchens, new caravan beds, caravan repairs and more, caravan world offer near enough everything at competitive prices. You will not be disappointed if you visit this business.

They are friendly, helpful and service always comes with a big smile.

if you are looking for caravan beds, a refurbishment on your kitchen, caravan world are most certainly the people you need to visit. You can find them on Sea lane, Chapel St Leonard's Skegness, opposite the car park at the bus station.

Alternatively you can contact Ian Elliot on : 07896052583

or visit the business facebook page



The caravan  kitchen company

Its near on impossible nowadays to find anywhere that stocks caravan kitchens

however, look no further because there's definitely hope.....



for the best in caravan kitchens 





Caravan insulation :


make sure your van is toasty warm this season and visit the link above for the best in caravan under floor insulation